October 31, 2020


सच सड़क से संसद तक

Vivek Sharma, Founder of Slogan ” Main Anna Huin” Honoured By ‘ Kalam k Sipahi’ Award

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New Delhi : Vivek Sharma, Freelance International Journalist was presented ‘Kalam ke Sipahi’ Award of Excellence for his exemplary contribution in the field of journalism in India and abroad. He also reported from world’s dangerous border North-South Korea border, and story from Tashkent. Vivek is the founder and creator of “Main Anna Huin”, “I Am Anna”, slogan, and he is the first person who invent the idea of promotion by writing on cap ‘Main Anna Hoon’ in 2011 Anna movement ( a movement against corruption), after this, these days many political parties following this trend of promotion and wear caps with their political party’s name. The Award given by Newspapers Association of India (NAI) along with GL Bajaj Institute of Management & Research. Vivek Sharma also Founder & Chairman of ‘Centre for Art Language & Cultural Exchange’ (CALCE Bharat) which is working to promote Indian Culture and Language through exchange programs of Indian students, Radio FM RJ, Indian Journalists, Artists with another countries.

On the Occasion of 27th Annual Day of Newspapers Association of India, amongst other awardees from leading National News portal included India’s TV 18 Editor in Chief Tripta Arya, Madhuri Kalal, anchor and producer of Zee Hindustan received best anchor of the year Award. RJ Heena of Superhit 93.5 Red FM also received the Best Female RJ of the Year Award.